My To-Do list

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Today I constructed a to-do list that was the length of a double roll of two-ply toilet paper. I miss the days when my list consisted mostly of lunch plans, coffee dates, and parties to attend. With everything going on, I take heart in knowing that I will get a little break after this week. My sister is coming to visit to me, and I plan to gift myself time to get back to enjoying all those things even for just a little while. For now, I throw a mini party in my head and do a happy dance every time I cross something off the list. It's what gets me through the day ;)


  1. I always feel so happy every time I cross out something in my list too. Hope you get everything done before your sister arrives.

    Have a great day Melissa! xoxo

  2. I'm liking the happy dance- I need to do that more often when I cross something off my list. It just seems that every time I cross something out, two new things get put on it!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  3. I have to remember to focus on the positives. I tend to forget that there are things in my life that actually make me happy. Have tons of fun with the sister!

  4. Crossing things off a list makes me feel so productive! Hope you get as much as you can done so you can enjoy yourself with your sister!


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