Enjoying my sorta spring break

Spring is finally here! I've been celebrating its beautiful return with my sister who is here visiting from SoCal. So far we've hit the Tahoe slopes, went wine tasting in Napa, and frolicked in the City. I'm loving every second of it =) Lots of pictures to come later.

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What's your favorite thing about spring?


  1. I miss the Bay area... have fun with your sister. xoxo

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    Spring favorites include-outdoor activities with my 2 year old, long walks with the family, PEDICURES and grilling out!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  3. I'm envious! I miss spring time a lot. It's just always summer here in the Philippines. We just have either the wet or the dry season. And dry season is just horribly hottttt

  4. Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. ....................................................

  5. How pretty. I hope the rest of your break is full of laughter and fun.

    Stopping by from SITS

  6. So far, my favorite thing about spring is this little week off I have from school. So precious and short.

  7. Beautiful blooming flowers. Happy spring time!

  8. Nice blog! I really enjoyed it.

    Please come and have a look at my page too. I hope to see you soon.


  9. i love shopping in spring sooo much! the clothes have colour again, and it's so refreshing :)


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