Texas Girls in the City Part Deux

{the fairmont totally spoiled us. I'm not sure I'll be able to stay anywhere else ever again}
{the living room}
{fully stocked kitchen}
{the view of Ghirardelli square from our balcony}
{in house breakfast}
{the ferry building farmer's market}

{delicious japanese fare}
{strolling through the mission}
{cherry blossoms}
{socializing with monkeys in union square}

{crown and crumpet for afternoon tea}

{chillaxin by the firepit complete with wine and cheese}
{life is good}

So here goes part deux of our little weekend getaway in the city... During the week leading up to our trip, the weather report predicted bad weather all weekend. The outlook was grim and we were prepared ourselves for the worst. In an effort to avoid any disappointment, we set our expectations low ( like super super low) and mentally conjured up the nastiest weather possible, by doing this mother nature miraculously graced us with three gorgeous days of sunshine! Because the weather cooperated we had the greatest time enjoying each other's company and experiencing San Francisco's energy in full swing. Thank you so much Jenny for allowing me to join you on this mini-vacation. It's just what I needed ;)

Now brace yourselves for a boatload of pictures!


  1. You take gorgeous pictures! Very talented lady!

  2. No kidding life is good to you!

  3. Looks like a wonderful vacation! I kind of can't believe, though, there are places in the country that have cherry blossoms out already... right now it feels like we'll never see ours!

  4. as always, beautiful pics Missy! glad you had a nice lil getaway!

  5. I want to stay there! Its beautiful!

  6. I'm with Margaret, I want to stay there!


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