Falling for Tahoe

{welcome to Heavenly!}
{the dogs had their own snow adventure too}
{our gear}
{on the way to the slopes}

{snow bunnies <3}

{helmet dorks Missy and Marco. We look like Wii Characters}

{still smiling after a long day of boarding}

{oh the view}
{my lovelies Mabel and Alaina}
{my favorite run. we were at the very top}
{brunch before we took off}

{on the road back home}

Dear Tahoe, you are absolutely amazing. I would marry you if I could.

Thank you for giving us the most gorgeous weather for snowboarding/skiing ,and for the casinos where we won money and danced the night away. We didn't want the fun to end.

I left with a heavy heart, but with plans to invest in my own snowboard and come back again before the season ends. See you again soon!


  1. how fun! how was the drive from the bay? difficult? long? we live in the bay and have been wanting to take a trip up one of these days b/c my husband misses the snow (we're from ohio).

  2. Those views are truly stunning! What an awesome weekend!

  3. I heart Tahoe too. We used to go down there every weekend during my childhood years. =)

  4. i LOVE the pics Missy, especially those where I am in hah ;)

  5. How beautiful. My whole life growing up and living in SoCal I never made it to Tahoe. Such a shame I'm sure.

    Stopping by from SITS
    It's a Hooah life

  6. Looks like fun. What a beautiful place!

  7. Ahh! How beautiful! And ummm that breakfast looks freaking delicious!


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