A nice quiet weekend for a change

{Saturday morning: D made me breakfast! I thought it would be the day the earth stopped spinning, but I pinched myself and it was really happening. It was delicious, and I'm looking forward to many more breakfasts from him (can I order a side of back massage too? lol ) After his good deed, he proceeded to watch 2 championship college football games and a Rockets game... like sports much? }

Sunday in the City ~

{I heart flower shoppes}
{our first visit to "That takes the Cake" Bakery, it definitely won't be our last}

{D and his "hella nutella cupcake", after this picture he declared it the best cupcake he's ever had"}
{this is a horrible horrible picture, but I had to post it because of how good their red velvet cupcake is. It is SUPER MOIST and the cream cheese icing is just right! Dare I say better than Sprinkles red velvet? YEP!}

{the rain started coming down so we rushed to our car. I love this action sequence. The flowers are gorgeous, oh and so are you derek lol}
{a couple saying goodbye. It was too sweet}
{on the way home. notice how it is only raining just a few feet ahead of us}

I had such a nice quiet and relaxing weekend. Unlike the past several weeks of nonstop travel, I was able to stay home and enjoy the company of my sweet boys. I slept in, was treated to a full service breakfast from Derek, and finally finished the last of my final papers. We spent the better part of Sunday in San Francisco enjoying a yummy organic Italian lunch, grabbing a couple lattes, and trying out a new cupcake bakery: "That Takes the Cake", which has quickly become our new favorite =) Shout out to the owners Brian and Keisha Williams who were so sweet and friendly to us!

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner, and just as I had promised, I have a Holiday giveaway to announce this week =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Derek is so sweet...you're so lucky. I miss SF.

  2. aww.. what a sweet hubby you got there Ms. Melissa, and you don't look horrible on the pic where you were holding a cupcake. you were STUNNING actually. love the flowers aswell. i was waiting for your new post actually *haha. i declare myself now as your new stalker here. hahahaha. don't worry i will only stalk you here. no more than that! :]]

    wow, a tattoo. COOL. does it hurt? :]


  3. I am droooooling over those cupcakes.

  4. oh yummy. the cupcakes look so tasteful.

    wunderful pics again

  5. Oh my word!!! I want a Nutella cupcake!!! I would DIE!!! =)

  6. i want cupcake!!! i'm not a fan of sprinkles' red velvet and am still on the hunt for the perfect one. must go to SF now! can i come crash? :)

  7. Ooooh, those cupcakes look super yummy. Beautiful photographs. Looks like you two had a great time!

  8. oh the memories you have brought back! I miss SF so much! I have a friend who lives around the corner from That Takes the Cake! Before I left we were in there at least 2 times a week! The ones you tried are some of my faves! And the owners are super sweet! Guess you have to be to own a cupcake store huh? Brian even helped us jump start our car one time when we got a flat battery outside the store!

  9. ohmgosh... can you send a little nutella cupcake my way!??!?!!?

  10. nutella cupcake is yum!!! you can NEVER go wrong with nutella!!! NEVER! LOL

    also, i love your pictures! it's so retro looking! ^_^

  11. what a lovely weekend. i adore cupcakes. : ) a man who makes breakfast is a keeper.

  12. What beautiful shots of your lovely city. I'm so jonesing for cupcake now!


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