Enjoying Home

Houston's Discovery Green- the city's first "all green" park. Everything used in the park is environmentally safe and friendly =) Hopefully other cities will catch on!
{the dancing recycled water fountain}
{faces of the nation}

{holiday ice skating}

{up up and away on Houston's helium passenger balloon}

Ever since I stepped foot onto Texas soil, I've been in full vacation mode. Did all the important things this weekend: slept in everyday, ate good food, and spent time with my family and dearest friends. It's so good to be home =)


  1. Happy Monday. Found you on SITS.

    Enjoy your vacation. I wish I was having one. At least I get a long weekend coming up. :D

  2. Hi Melissa! Glad you're enjoying your time with your family.

    I really hope other cities follow suit with the green park.

    Happy holidays!

  3. So glad you are enjoying your free time with your loved ones. :) Have fun and be safe.

  4. Awww, enjoy the vacation while you can.
    It's been rainy and junky here!

  5. My hubby is from Texas, and I have spent a lot of time in San Antonio and Austin, but not too much in Houston... those photos make me wish I had!


  6. whoa! awesome! now i wanna live somewhere there! you guys totally beat LA! LOL!

  7. wow, everything is environmentally safe?? that's really awesome. more cities should take a hint! gorgeous.

  8. love the photos!
    all so pretty and cool.

    wish i could go there, to witness the beautiful place itself. wee*


  9. What a cool little place! Next time I'm in Houston I will HAVE to find it!


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