Scenes from my unexpected day off

{my first time baking madeleines, a little mouse (aka derek) took a nibble while I wasn't looking}

{a little gift I got myself today}
{I made one of my mom's signature dishes, Lou's Chicken. She was the best cook ever}
{vino! }

It was SO nice to not have to wake up to a blaring alarm clock this morning. There's something about alarm clocks not being conducive to the beginning of a good day. My day off was exactly what I needed. I spent time doing a couple errands, treated myself to a little retail therapy, did some baking, and had a nice quiet dinner and a movie with D (wine included!). I wish everyday was like this one. Too bad I'm usually in a mad rush to meet deadlines and see patients, and my diet consists of Subway and boca burgers. Anyway, all complaints aside,life is pretty good =)

Tomorrow I'll be posting info about my giveaway to celebrate my 100th post, so make sure to stop by and join in on all the fun! I found some really great items while I was out today, and am really excited to share it with ya'll !


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm immediately drawn in by all your charming posts. Keep up the great work girl...you'll be seeing more of me!

    xoxo Michelle

  2. The chicken looks delicious. :) It's hard to see it, though ... is it sort of like a chicken parm?

    Also, could I trouble you for the red velvet cake recipe? I'd love to try to make it myself someday, though I am sure it won't come out as delicious as yours!

  3. You are adorable seriously :) Cute little blog you have here too! I really wanna try the madeleines! xo

  4. Hmmm wine and cupcakes....couldn't ask for anything more. I lvoe your blog...im a follower now...and I love the good little things that happen in life :)

    Laura xxx

  5. stopping by from SITS, the cookies look so good!

    I have a virtual cookie exchange that I started on my site, Id love you to add your cookies to the whrrl story when you have a minute ! :)

  6. I'm with you on alarm clocks. Even when I hear them in movies I cringe. That's why I use my phone with a nice little ditty.

    Love your pics, you're so pretty! And those cookies look adorable. Never made them myself.

    Thanks so much for sharing in my SITS day last week!!!!!

  7. Love me some madeleines! I have thought about buying one of those neat little pans but was a little intimidated by it. Were they easy to make?

  8. Cupcakes and wine? Perfect! Your blog is so sweet and charming! Thanks for stopping by mine.

  9. Oooh yay for good finds on my blog hopping today. :) Your blog is filled with such adorable posts! I love, love, love baking and those madeleines look like they came out perfect!

    Cute pictures! Btw, every girl is in awe of their mother's cooking, hehe, I always make attempts to recreate my mom's signature dishes. So far, so good. <3

  10. I love madeleines and yours look yummy!

  11. I took the plunge and bought the madeleine pan! Can you send me the recipe you used? Thx :)


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