Our East Coast Adventure & Giveaway Winner Announcement!

{Welcome to Pittsburgh! Home of the Steelers}

{the gorgeous Chatham University Campus}

{colorful foliage}

{there was no one around to take our picture, so a self portrait will have to do =) }

{who wouldn't want to go to school here?}

{Mandi thinking about how her interview went lol}

{Having fun with the leaves. Obviously we have never witnessed a proper change of season lol}

{off to the city we go!}

Pittsburgh was such a pleasant surprise. I arrived with no expectations and left in awe of a beautiful city brimming with a rich history and culture. The architecture and foliage were absolutely amazing. You could actually tell that fall was in full swing. My sister and I laughed, shopped, photographed, and ate our way through the city until exhaustion started setting in. We were in and out of Pittsburgh in just a little over 36 hours, so we decided to make our trip worthwhile by seeing and doing everything possible despite how tired we were. I’m glad I got to spend this weekend with her, and can't wait for our next trip together. Next city on our list is NYC!

These are only a few pictures we took while we were there. I'll definitely be posting more tomorrow after I get a good night's rest and recharge. Flying cross country really got the best of me!

ps. The WINNER of the Gossip Girl Inspired Giveaway chosen by random.org is...

Congrats Kym! Please send me your contact info so I can send the goodies your way ;)

Thanks to everyone who participated! You all have been so sweet to me and this blog, and I wish I could give everyone something! I'll be having a Christmas Giveaway soon, so look out for it ;)

Happy Monday!


  1. What gorgeous pictures! It really does look lovely this time of year. I'd love to go there myself one day.

    Hope Jet Lag isnt hitting you too hard (or at all!)

    Came by from SITS :)
    Kelly @ Night Owl Notions

  2. These pictures are so beautiful.

  3. Congrats to the winner! :)

    I love autumn. I think it's the prettiest time of the year. It's def one of the things i miss most about N.America. Great pics. :)

  4. pittsburgh looks absolutely gorgeous! i love that it looks like FALL! it would look like that here too except that it rains a lot in the fall :( boooooo!!!

    and WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT??? I am so excited melissa!!!! (esp for the eyelash curler, haha!) thank you thank you thank you for hosting this giveaway! :) what's your email address? i'll email you my mailing address there.


  5. 36 hours in the city? That's it?! Well it sure looks like you made good use of your time! Gotta love the East Coast and it's character. Have a good week dear!

  6. Ya'll did a self-portrait! Those leaves, oh those leaves! I would die of happiness.

  7. Hey, chica!
    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog! I love hearing that my blog is adorable ;)

  8. What beautiful photos! And you and your sister are so pretty! Such beautiful fall colors!

    I love, love, love NYC! Have a great time!

  9. Thanks for visiting my bloggie :)

    I am working my way through your posts and I keep coming back to this one because of this yellow jacket. I love it!

  10. Great pictures, show the city nicely.


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