Number One Fans

{right before tip-off}

{scenes from the game}

{derek in full concentration mode}
{me enjoying a yummy pretzel}

D surprised me with tickets to the Rockets vs Warriors opening night game in Oakland. We had so much fun cheering on our home team amidst a sea of passionate Golden State fans (trying not to get beat up by the hecklers behind us) while munching on stadium food during time outs. I've been a Rockets fan ever since I can remember and at one point believed I would someday marry Hakeem Olajuwon (one of the greatest Centers of all time). D is a crazy Rockets fan too, but you can also add sports fanatic to his resume (i've been nagging him forever to start a sports blog), not to mention ESPN is my number one competitor for his attention lol... Anyways, the game was a nail biter, but in the end the Rockets came out victorious 107 to 108. I love this game!

ps. In celebration of my 100th post next week, I'm doing a giveaway of some of my favorite things! It will be within the next couple of posts, so check in again soon for more details =) Have an amazing weekend everyone!


  1. im a new folllower! your blog is so cute! ^_^ this is one of my ideal blogs! wish there was more like yours!

    anyway, i love surprises! im glad D surprised you then! ^_^

  2. Fun, fun, fun. Popping over from SITS.

  3. Visiting from SITS. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Nice to see you had a nice time!

  5. Sounds like a great night! Have a good weekend, stopping by from SITS.

  6. 100 posts alreaddy? how cool! i will have to agree with you...marc is addicted to espn and is his other 'lover' as i call it. lol! have a good weekend!

  7. again, booooooringggggg game....hah hah but it is for me! I'm glad u guys took the time and relax during the week! I love reading your blog, it is a way to keep up since we don't see each other as much as before! loveeeeess!

  8. we were there too!
    we were in the suite though because my fiance's boss has season tickets for them.

    GREAT game!

  9. Glad you two had such a great time! I just found your blog today, and I love it! Can't wait to hear more!

    Dropping by from SITS, hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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