Sweater Weather

I unexpectedly woke up to nippy sweater weather, and then it suddenly hit me... my endless summer has come to an abrupt close. If you ask me what my favorite season is, my answer would be summer hands down. All of my favorite memories have happened during these four magical months of every year. There's something about it that makes me so carefree and happy. Now that it's gone, I miss all the free time I used to have.

Fall has officially ushered in the beginning of the school year, hectic work days, and long hours at the office for us, but on the upside brought cooler days and beautiful colors. Guess you gotta take the good with the bad.

photos of the walkway in front of my townhouse

{winter- rainy and cold. this is when I hibernate and accumulate extra body fat under my clothes to help keep me warm}

{Spring- the arrival of the beautiful cherry blossom}

{summer-when the combination of sun and heat makes everything glow}

{ fall- brings stunning colors and a reason to buy a new wardrobe ;) }

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  1. what an enchanting, poetic and artistic post! the progression of the photos are amazing. this makes me smile!


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