Island Vacay Recap Part I

Our first day in paradise ...

{I heart Hawaii}

{Hanalei Beach- voted one of the most beautiful in the world (I still prefer Waimea Bay though)}
{my toesies in the warm sand... a local at the grocery told me I had nice toes. That is the most random thing anyone has ever said to me}
{the obligatory jumping picture}
{D hanging loose hahah... I laugh cuz hanging loose is not his specialty. More like type A personality}
{of course, D had to capture my double chin on camera}
{the chicas (newly graduated attorneys!!!) and I }
{the coolest mural on the island}
{scenic outlook}

More pictures to come... plus a Kauai must-see list and guide for those of us on a recession budget =)

1 comment:

  1. the last picture reminds me of the Philippines! and now i know why you looked so tan-lots of sun for Missy during this trip!


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