Island Vacay Part Deux

Day 2 & 3 of our Hawaiian Getaway...

Day two started off sunny, but thanks to a tropical depression, we spent the next day and a half resembling wet mops.
{beautiful Lydgate Park, before the rain came pouring down}
{the group trekking through the wind amidst the swaying palms}
{yay for the underwater camera!}
{peace out homies}
{what was supposed to be the Waimea Canyon look out point. The blurriness is not photoshopped. It was courtesy of the mist, rain, and humidity that day}

{we salvaged the day with some mouth-watering shrimp at Kauai's Shrimp Station. I will post a separate list of our favorite food spots later}

Hope you lovelies are having a wonderful week =)

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  1. i'm behind on catching up with blogs but glad we got to catch up in person! :)
    i love your pictures-they are so clear!

    anyhow, i've moved on to a new blog so if you're ever bored, please visit.



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