weekend wrap up

This weekend was a nice and quiet.  Friday consisted of my yoga class and running around town trying not to lose my mind while doing the usual errands.  Then on Saturday, Kjersti and I attended the school picnic and brought our dogs along for the ride.  It was a lot of fun, but the heat was killer!( Man, I sound like such a wimpy Texan spoiled by the Bay area) I felt like my face was seriously melting off as I baked in the heat.  Luckily, we all cooled off by treating ourselves to yummy frozen yogurt in the comfort of good old air-conditioning.  Sunday was definitely bittersweet for me, as my Houston Rockets ended their awesome play-off run this season ( no worries, because this means that I get to look forward to an even better season next year!).  In between all this, I managed to do a good amount of cooking and baking (which I will post later on this week), and even some homework to my surprise! Anyways, no one probably even wants to read this stuff, but since it's my online journal, then what the heck, just post it right? 

{friday night tandoori indian dinner}
{Kjersti and I at the picnic (sorry the lighting is horrible)}

{burger and garbanzo doing what they do best}

{our sunday brunch tradition}

How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one!

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