Alameda Point Flea Market

After hearing so much about this mythical antiques show, I couldn't wait to snag some cute vintage knicknacks (ie. more junk) for my ever shrinking townhouse.  My first attempt with my friends was a hot mess, considering the 100 mph wind and pouring rain that decided to show up that day, but this time, the sun came out and all was good.  There were a lot of interesting things there that day, but I came home empty handed which was probably due to a case of visual overstimulation.  I think next time, I have to come with a goal in mind.  I did however, get to enjoy a tasty breakfast burrito straight from a taco trunk ( you can never go wrong with food from a taco truck) and spend a fun-filled (really early) morning with my shopping partners Mabel and Mandi. Anyways, here are some shots from our early morning flea market hunting:
Chairman Mao in pop art. 
This newspaper type made me think of all the reading I had waiting for me at home.
Mandi and her crazy beads.
Snoopy followed Mabel around the entire morning.
The transformers glasses of sam witwicky
Loved this chalkboard. Too bad it was 500 big ones.
Perfect for my upcoming trips to New york and Hawaii!
My hairspray is not this big.
Vintage party dress.

Funky Monkey

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