Spring time means a fresh start

                      derby admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms in front of the townhouse

This is probably the 10th blog I've started since 2001.  For some reason, every blog I start fails to last more than a year.  Hopefully it won't be the case with this one, but only time will tell.  I thought i'd start a new one to celebrate the coming of Spring!
I am overjoyed to say goodbye to winter and finally welcome the spring.  It is probably the best time to salvage those forgotten New Year's Resolutions and start fresh (at least that is what I plan to do).  The past three months have definitely tested my stamina, but thankfully I've survived despite the fact that I look like I've been run over by a truck... a really big one.  So here's to the spring and all the wonderful things it brings.  Can't wait :)


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